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“My experience with Israel founder of Fitness BKS was absolutely positively transforming. Before I embarked upon this journey I was at a place in my life where I needed to be physically and mentally challenged. I have been member of several different Gym’s, paid those ridicules monthly fees and seen NO benefits what so ever. Just like any woman I suffered with those problem areas and found when training at the gym I would give up without pushing myself and at times it was just out of boredom. I was introduced to Israel in April’ I went along to Israel’s one of many boot camp classes and haven’t been able to keep away since. Although at the time I was just training once a week I have to say I defiantly felt a difference in myself’ I was eating healthier foods, drinking loads of water, I had loads of energy throughout the day. I started personal training classes with Israel; they were absolutely amazing within weeks I seen my body transform he made me work really hard and the best thing about it was he would also train with me showing me the correct methods of each exercise so I was getting maximum results and full benefits. Not only was it hard work but it was also great fun I felt extremely comfortable training with Israel I found that he gave me encouragement and motivation. I feel fit, healthy, confident, sexy and empowered! I don’t think there is a better combination for us ladies. Fitness BKS only brings out of you what’s already there! Thanks Israel,


Tasha, x




I've been doing spin classes and pilates for a while now - so I assumed that I was fit. But doing one-to-one sessions with Fitness Bks made me see that I wasn't as fit as I thought I was, and made me look at my regime in a totally different way. My one-to-one sessions are always immensely enjoyable, and every week is different. I've used personal trainer's before, but never has a one-hour session passed so quickly or made me feel so amazing. Plus, people have started to notice the difference ... which is always a bonus!


Miss. C. White





Israel’s classes are fun, innovative, and physically challenging!  It’s a total full-body training session every time.  Every muscle burns after each class, even ones I didn’t know I had!  I have seen a huge difference in the way my body looks and feels. When I started the programme, I couldn’t do one full push-up.  Now, I’m doing push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and about a million other circuit training exercises! I never thought I would have a favorite exercise or a favorite circuit yet Israel has managed to change my entire view towards exercise and general well-being. His motivational style and awe-inspiring demonstrations really push me to work my body harder than I even thought possible.  Each class is different so you never know what to expect.  Israel’s fitness knowledge is vast and the best thing I’ve learned in these classes is HOW to exercise.  I will never go back to the gym!







Israel was recently my trainer and I can say with full confidence that he was brilliant in every way.

His level of commitment to get me to the best I can be was second to none.

He made a very individual plan to my needs and every time we trained he introduced something new and more dynamic which was amazing as I trained parts of my body in what I can only describe as a intelligent way.

Everything about this guy and the way he works in partnership with you is simply first class.


Kuldeep Channa

Tv producer itv





Israel is a great person to train with, not only is he professional but also makes every session enjoyable.

The best thing about his sessions is that every single one was different so it never becomes boring. Israel encourages you to reach your full potential and gives you a "i can do it" attitude. I have learnt a lot from him about my body and health!

I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interesting in training.





I have been training in the gym for years 3 times a week, but failed with many exercise plans unable to make any real progress and never been able to achieve my personal goals. But within 4 short weeks of training programs with BKS I became leaner, more toned & Stronger, BKS designed a workout program to help me achieve my goals and a one hour session with him is three times more effective than a gym session where I was left to my own devices. He also gave me good diet & nutrition help which has helped me lower my body fat percentage. Now I have been training with BKS for over a year!! he pushes me hard when he needs to and goes easy on me when it is necessary.

Since training with BKS I have learned that exercise is more than just fitness, stamina and strength, but also an education. My personal training sessions have included learning how my body works, which has made a huge impact in the understanding of my training and the results.


He is extremely knowledgeable on both the fitness side and diet. The sessions are hard but fun and BKS keeps my programme varied, challenging and interesting. I'd always thought having a personal trainer is only for the rich and famous. But it's not - I'm neither rich nor famous and I've found that having someone there to push me when I need it, encourage me to succeed and help me keep injury free is worth every penny. Having a personal trainer is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.


Thanks BKS, you've made a big difference to my health and lifestyle.


Sarah Gebretensae





Tough, effective, fun and Motivating. I have throughly enjoyed all of my training sessions. No program has been the same and this has allowed all of my body to train in different ways and never get bored! I have watched my energy levels go up, my body weight change and my attitude change towards fitness, thank you Fitness BKS




Consult you doctor when starting a fitness training program. Fitness BKS Training accepts no liability on an injury sustained while training. Train safe, take all necessary precautions.

Consult you doctor when starting a fitness training program. Fitness BKS Training accepts no liability on an injury sustained while training. Train safe, take all necessary precautions.

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