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What are the rates for the Boot Camp classes?

The options are: 10 week programme, pay as you go or five for fifty,  


How long do I need to sign up for?

That would depend on your fitness goals. To see any noticeable gains or improvements with exercising, you should be training at least twice a week. If you


Which option is best for me?

your goal is to get fit, lose weight, increase muscle tone or to increase your endurance, we’d recommend the 10 week programme because you need to be consistent with your training and this would be a good way to ensure that you are.


Can I continue training after the programme ends?

Yes you can, simply sign up for another 10 weeks or to one of the other options. The 10 week courses are set up to make it easier for the members to set short term goals and to be more flexible in the way that we work.


How much do I pay for my first visit?

The first visit is only £5 if you have never attended a class before.


How long is the class?

The classes are scheduled for 1hr. Make sure you there on time because it’s important to warm up before you start.


How many people are in a class?

A class can be anything from 8-20 people. It would depend on what venue it is being held in. Some halls are bigger then others and have a different capacity.  


Is the class suitable for beginners?

most definitely are. The instructor would usually ask you about your exercise history and weather you have any injury’s or physical restrictions. All we want to see is you putting your heart into it and trying your best. Everyone has different abilities.


Are the classes good for someone who wants to lose weight?

They certainly are. You will be doing a lot of high intensity training with minimal rest, circuit training and resistant training. Just what the Doctor ordered.


What are the benefits from attending the classes?

You’ll feel great, have more energy, increase your endurance, increase you muscle tone, shed unwanted pounds and learn how to exercise with different types of equipment and with good form. You’ll also get fit, meet new friends and have fun.


Is the class suitable for someone who is experienced in exercising?

Yes, there are always harder variations and alternatives to give the ‘seasoned’ trainer so everyone can feel challenged.


Are there both men and women in the class?

Yes, the classes are mixed sexes.


What do I need to bring to the class?

Bring a bottle of water, sweat towel, training gloves if you have any and a will to succeed.  


What should I wear to the class?

Comfortable clothes that are suitable to exercise in such as shorts, track suit/jogging bottoms, a t shirt, a training vest, sturdy trainers that support your feet. Ladies make sure that you are securely supported too because you will be doing lots of jumping and running.


What kind of equipment do you use in the class?

Everything! TRX suspension trainers, dumbbells, kettlebells, stability balls, medicine balls, resistance bands and battling ropes are just a few.  


Are the classes indoors or outdoors?

Both, we mainly hold them inside during the winter so the British weather can’t spoil the session.


How old would I need to be to attend?

Over 18 and under 65 years old


Is one to one personal training available?

Yes, if you feel that you’d prefer or would like to include personal training in your program, email or call 07415599400 click HERE for info


I have a previous injury, would I still be able to train?

That would depend on weather you require your Doctors approval and if you have completely healed since the injury.


Where are else do you have classes?

The City of London Academy of Sports. 240 Lynton Road. London SE1 5LA. More will

be opening later in the year.


Would you be able to hold a class at my place of work?

We are willing to hold classes wherever the demand is. There would need to be enough interest and a risk assessment would need to be done before we proceeded. Click HERE to read more about out Corporate Fitness Classes.


Could I Join even after the 10 week programme has already started?

Most definitely! You can join us at anytime, the sooner the better. We'll get you up to speed and you'll soon learn the exercises and get to know the class. Turning up is the biggest step.....We'll do the rest.



Consult you doctor when starting a fitness training program. Fitness BKS Training accepts no liability on an injury sustained while training. Train safe, take all necessary precautions.

Consult you doctor when starting a fitness training program. Fitness BKS Training accepts no liability on an injury sustained while training. Train safe, take all necessary precautions.

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